13 - Our lucky number

My name's Weronika and I 'm thirteen years old. I love riding a horse, playing tennis and swimming. I have got a brother Sebastian and a sister Patrycja. My dad's name is Zbigniew. He's a doctor. My mother's name is Beata. She is a nurse. I love my family. I like animals. I have got two dogs, a cat and fish. My best friends are Natalia and Paulina. We like riding a bike. We usually meet at the pizzeria because we love pizza.
My Favorite Sport
 by Błażej .
My favorite sport is tennis . You can play it every season. I play it from Monday to Wednesday on the court . When the weather is bad I play it in the sports hall . I always play with my friends. My favorite player is Justyna Zywiec .  She's a great tennis player and I like to watch her on TV . Tennis is very tiring . To play tennis you need a racquet and tennis ball . I LOVE TENNIS !



Hello! My name is Victoria. I am ten years old. Look at photo. It is my birthday party. I have got a new doll. It's beautiful.
 I live in England. Can you see the big red bus? Do you have red buses in your country?



We are lucky enough to have a student in our class that speaks Polish. She was kind enough to teach us how to say "Hi," and "We are International Contacts class." We hope that you understand us. :) I think we all agree, Polish is harder than English! Here's to a great year!